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If you have information on a wanted felon, call the confidential tip line and provide the information. You will not be asked to leave your name, but will be given an access code. If your tip leads to the arrest of a wanted person you could earn up to $2,000. Then call the tip line the following week and give your access code. You will be informed if your tip leads to the capture of a wanted person. If it has, you will be told how to collect your money over the phone.

 TIP LINE 888-498-STOP (7867)

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Carrillo, Miguel

Wanted on a No Bail warrant for Auto Theft.  Hi is believed to be in the Calwa area of Fresno.  Carrillo is also facing a new charge of Auto Theft and Brandishing a knife in front of a Parole Agent.  His is to be considered dangerous.

Sex:  Male

DOB: 8/19/84

Height:  5′-8″ / 195 / Black Hair, Brown Eyes

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 3.24.09 PM

Stolen Vehicle
SEX: Male WEIGHT: 165
EYES: Brown DOB: 04/10/93
HEIGHT: 5’11” HAIR: Black

Julie Musgrave

Stolen Vehicle
SEX: Female WEIGHT: 235
EYES: Brown DOB: 06/30/74
HEIGHT: 5’2” HAIR: Black

Patricia Murillo

Stolen Vehicle
SEX: Female WEIGHT: 160
EYES: Brown DOB: 07/17/78
HEIGHT: 5’5” HAIR: Brown

Natosha Logan

Stolen Vehicle
SEX: Female WEIGHT: 212
EYES: Blue DOB: 05/28/83
HEIGHT: 5’9” HAIR: Brown