Crime Stoppers USA

When a young college student, Michael Carmen, was shot to death during a robbery at an Albuquerque, New Mexico gas station in July 1976, Detective Greg MacAleese had no idea who was responsible for the killing.

No witnesses came forward and unless MacAleese thought of something innovative to get the public to help solve the murder, the crime would remain a mystery. He came up with the idea of making a video re-enactment of the homicide, giving guaranteed anonymity to anyone who was willing to call him with information, and putting up a reward from his own pocket. 

At that time Albuquerque had one of the highest per capita crime rates in the country and people were afraid to help the police—but MacAleese’s plan worked. Within a few hours after the video was broadcast on TV, he received a phone call. 

With the help of the anonymous tip, MacAleese and a team of detectives arrested two men within 72 hours and charged them with the murder of Carmen and a string of armed robberies.

Afterwards, MacAleese received other tips, including one that allowed police to solve the rape of a young woman. Realizing that this type of program was useful in fighting crime, MacAleese convinced the Albuquerque Police Department to allow a group of citizens to establish the first Crime Stoppers program, earning MacAleese the title of U.S. Police Officer of the Year and helping lower Albuquerque’s crime rate.

What is Crime Stoppers?

Valley Crime Stoppers is a sponsor-based non-profit organization that supports law enforcement by offering a safe and anonymous way for individuals to report criminal activity. Callers and online tipsters are eligible to receive a cash reward if the information given comes through Crime Stoppers, is anonymous, and leads to an arrest.

How successful is Crime Stoppers?

Crime Stoppers has led to over 13,000 arrests and paid out nearly $2,000,000 in rewards over the last 30 years.

How long has Crime Stoppers been around?

Valley Crime Stoppers in Fresno County began in 1993 when a group of five local individuals came together and put up their own money for the rewards that would go toward getting arrests. 

Is Crime Stoppers a nonprofit?

Central Valley Crime Stoppers is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization.

How can I donate to Crime Stoppers?

Donate online at valleycrimestoppers.org – head to our Donate tab!

What are donations used for?

100% of donations are used as reward money paid out by the program for anonymous tips that lead to arrests.

How can I submit an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers?